Gareebi mai gym…!!!

There are some myths that the elder generation whom we refer as Buzurg keep pointing at it. One of them is – “Gym toh mote log jaate hai, patle log nahi”. And the second one has to be – “Gym ke liye toh bahut andha investment karna padta hai”. But I will tell you about the heavy investment that the rich people do. Or rather the ways they adapt to keep themselves fit so that they can maintain the status quo. In general, most rich people (those that I recognize) wear the same clothes in an upscale gym. Not too fancy, but not shabby either. They team it up with branded sneakers. I doubt that the average outfit cost more than Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000. And not just the sneakers, they have their Fitbit, sports technical chronometer in place. Whereas, I who is not even close to rich and does not possess any fancy gadget, try to pull off things which are little trickier and if not done correctly can put you in jeopardy.

They say you hit the plateau when you keep doing the same exercise every day. Similarly, my writing technique was about to hit the plateau before I decided to bring in a little variation into it. Today I’ll be shattering the myths we have in our mind and talk about “Gareebi mai gym kaise kiya jaye”. Quite funny, right? If you have your priorities in place, then the gym is not only a rich people’s affair. Gym membership won’t give you gains but working out in the gym will.

So, these are the 4 things you can and should keep in mind if you want to keep yourself physically fit with extremely meager investment. Because body “gareebi mai bhi banti hai”. Wink*

  1. Choosing low scale gym over high end or luxury ones– Your attitude and grit should be on par with high-end gym’s membership and not vice versa. If you have the right determination and focus, you can achieve anything. So, choose an average gym over the luxury ones and save some money. In India, you can join a gym for as low as INR 500 per month. Using the internet, you can find or create the perfect workout and appropriate diet for yourself. Thus, you don’t need to pay for a trainer or dietician.
  2. Cut down on your weekend jamming– Asking for too much? But if you aren’t going to do that then how will you recover your extra diet expenses. If you still say, ‘that I’ll manage’, then won’t it affect your savings? Taking a short break from sheesha and alcohol sessions will be good, both for your body and pocket.
  3. Buy little less expensive clothes– To be honest, the feel is totally different when you’re working out in Nike or Under Armour dry fit t-shirts. And those bouncy and lightweight shoes which reveal every muscle of your body under those LED’s looks really crazy but ab paise nahi hai toh kya kare? Manage with little less expensive ones. Cool?
  4. Food– One thing I do not compromise on is my protein and carbs intake in a day. But that does not mean that I eat meat, avocado, Kalettes, Napa Cabbage or bell peppers every day. Unless and until you want to be a professional bodybuilder and want to pursue it as a career, you can cover up your nutrient intake from other healthy fruits and vegetables (List is very long BTW). Body phir bhi banegi.


When you are heavy on the pocket side, it gets easier for you to hire coaches and get access to better equipment. Also, drinking one scoop of protein shake is much easier than eating 5 eggs. Money can make things easier for you but you can build a great physique with limited resources as well. You just need to put your priorities in the right place. Hustle up.!

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