A minute away from New Year Resolution

It’s almost November, so be honest and ask yourself,” have I reached 80% of the goals I set back in January?” Or are you saying, “Meh 2018 is a lost case I’ll try again next year”. Given up already? Why? Shouldn’t we respect our own words? As we still have two and a half months... Continue Reading →

5 Stages Away From Your Goals

So, today while looking for my new blog topic, I came across a specific section which will most likely be the mission and vision of any company. It’s like taking a sudden decision to change your lifestyle and then making efforts to stick by it. On a daily basis, I keep receiving multiple queries from... Continue Reading →

Cheap pre-workouts management

I have never waited this eagerly for my salary to get credited. That is because just like my luck, all the money is spent in buying the expensive pre-workouts, with the hope to get bigger and more vitalized. It was good but then pondered if it was that necessary to spend so much on the... Continue Reading →

3 Habits That Will Transform Your Life

Yesterday I started working on my eating and exercising habits. I feel it is time to commit more seriously to myself and ‘run’ those extra miles that I have been avoiding. Plus, I’m craving some sort of life transformation, and is there any better moment than now?

So I did a quick search, because there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and I found a couple of habits that are said to be part of the routine of multiple entrepreneurs. I think the most important thing about these habits is not exactly what you will get from them individually but the transformative energy you will generate while pursuing them.

Wake up earlier

Through all these years, I have never been able to wake up ‘that’ early (#5amclub). I do try it often but I always fail – the temptation to hit the snooze button is bigger than my expectations…

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20 Seconds of Courage

Social media is a powerful tool. Anything can go viral within seconds and disappear in the next few. A challenge has no nationality, e.g. the Ice bucket challenge, Kiki Challenge, the condom challenge, #humfittohindiahit challenge etc. Today I’m going to issue a challenge and it will only require 20 seconds of your 86400. I’ve come... Continue Reading →

Poor but want to be healthy…!

Anirudh: Hey Surin! Surin: Hi buddy! How are you doing? Anirudh: I’m doing great buddy but need to share this feedback with you! Surin: Feedback? Okay, tell me Anirudh: So, I took your challenge and advise to consume healthy food for a month Surin: Wow, that’s so cool. I must say, that I’m impressed. Anirudh:... Continue Reading →

Top hydrants this summer

Looking for ways to stay fit but not able to distance yourself from your favourite pizza/ chocolate or ice-cream? Struggling with your diet-chart or your fitness regime because of the tedious work schedule? You thought you will lose 2 kilos in a month but you still weigh the same after a month? Maybe, it’s time... Continue Reading →

When your body says, “Ab Bass…!!!”

“Did you work out today?” or ‘’what is your favorite exercise?” Basically, one word that I have been repeating for the last couple of years is, “exercise.” But what good has happened, when the only thing I hold dear, failed me? Yes, you’re reading it right. For some time, I had to quit working out... Continue Reading →

Allergic to excuses…!

Situation – It’s time for your workout, you want to stick to your HEALTHY LIVING ROUTINE, but you feel like your allergy symptoms are holding you back.  And question is should you hit the gym or wait till the allergies get better! According to the survey, some of the most common allergies are dust allergy, skin... Continue Reading →

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