Poor but want to be healthy…!

Anirudh: Hey Surin! Surin: Hi buddy! How are you doing? Anirudh: I’m doing great buddy but need to share this feedback with you! Surin: Feedback? Okay, tell me Anirudh: So, I took your challenge and advise to consume healthy food for a month Surin: Wow, that’s so cool. I must say, that I’m impressed. Anirudh:... Continue Reading →


Top hydrants this summer

Looking for ways to stay fit but not able to distance yourself from your favourite pizza/ chocolate or ice-cream? Struggling with your diet-chart or your fitness regime because of the tedious work schedule? You thought you will lose 2 kilos in a month but you still weigh the same after a month? Maybe, it’s time... Continue Reading →

When your body says, “Ab Bass…!!!”

“Did you work out today?” or ‘’what is your favorite exercise?” Basically, one word that I have been repeating for the last couple of years is, “exercise.” But what good has happened, when the only thing I hold dear, failed me? Yes, you’re reading it right. For some time, I had to quit working out... Continue Reading →

Allergic to excuses…!

Situation – It’s time for your workout, you want to stick to your HEALTHY LIVING ROUTINE, but you feel like your allergy symptoms are holding you back.  And question is should you hit the gym or wait till the allergies get better! According to the survey, some of the most common allergies are dust allergy, skin... Continue Reading →

Summers, Fitness and them Jeans…!

Summers are here and you have been waiting to wear your favourite jeans from the closet which you couldn’t wear because of the tantalizing winters. Why? Because you gained some and it got stuck in your glutes. Damn. So agonizing. Isn’t it? Took the new year resolution – “Kal se Gym shuru”. And yes, you... Continue Reading →

Lactose Intolerant- Is that the reason?

Rahul: Bro, the gym isn’t a threatening place anymore. Finally, I can see little changes in my thought process after sweating it out in the gym. The way I move and the way I sleep has changed. It’s like I’m actively participating in the daily chores. Siddharth: Okay! That’s so good to know! Rahul: But,... Continue Reading →

It’s not just you, there are others too

Gym Etiquettes. Etiquettes, in general, are the rules of a good behaviour and they are never old-fashioned or out of date. They are something which stays with you intrinsically or extrinsically. We are well mannered if we are sitting at a fine dining place but the situation is totally different when you are at the... Continue Reading →

My fitness is my fight…!

"Log Kya kahenge" is a word which underestimates one’s ability. By stating this phrase, half of the dreams and goals are killed every second. This can be an individualistic concept as well as the societal concept. But it doesn’t hold true until and unless you know what do you want to do and where do... Continue Reading →

urrgh… the dreaded Plateau…!!!

The 'OK Plateau' is that place we all get to where we just stop getting better at something. Take typing, for example. You might type and type and type all day long, but once you reach a certain level, you just don't get appreciably faster. That's because it's become automatic. You've moved it to the... Continue Reading →


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